Tips For Getting the Best Antique Car Insurance

Antique car insurance is something that is a must for every antique car owner. Thankfully, there are a number of companies that provide insurance for these old cars. This helps the car owner because he or she has an option of choosing from various options. Purchasing and restoration of an antique car is a large investment. You must have a proper insurance for such an investment. All of the time and money you have spent in your garage for restoring the car should not go for a toss. You obvious have the need for a proper protection of your investments through insurance.

Even the commercial auto insurers have a policy for protecting vintage cars that they call “collector auto insurance”. They will usually have a special agent who will gather all the necessary information, discuss various policy options, and select the right coverage that you require. Here you can lower the premium rates by increasing your deductibles a tad higher than the standard your insurer sets. If your antique car is still stored or you are still working on it, there may be additional discounts if it is not being driven on the roads.

There are some benefits you can obtain if you get the antique car insurance from a large commercial insurer. Such a company can be relied upon and thus provide you peace of mind. If you obtain the vintage car insurance from such a big commercial insurer then it is most likely that they will do the insurance for your regular vehicle as well, most likely on the same policy. The premium that a commercial company will charge you is worth it because of the peace of mind and security they will provide for your car and you. Many times you will get an additional discount if you have more than one vehicle insured with them, or even have multiple policies with them, such as your homeowner’s policy.

There are independent auto insurers who specialize on antique car insurance. Their terms and conditions can be more attractive than any commercial insurer and the rates can be cheaper, but they are possibly not going to insure any other vehicle. The huge number of antique cars in the market has led to the specialization of insurers who only deal with antique car insurance.

Most of the antique car insurers offer a varied platter of insurance discounts that are available. Almost everything nowadays comes with some discounts. A number of big and small companies offer discounts to federal workers, military, homeowners, and various customers for signing what they call a multi-coverage package deal. This is quite an unending list. It does not take anything away from you if you ask your auto insurance company what they can provide you with. Do not feel shy, but just go ahead and ask and you will be provided with information on what they can do with that.

It is better to do research before choosing your independent antique car insurer. Do choose someone with good reputation because the amount at stake would be quite large. With the smaller independent insurers, there is always an element of risk involved because you really do not know anything about your safety or their policy. If a smaller insurer has attractive rates, that does not mean you should shy away from them however, but be sure you do your homework on that insurer.

Do not settle in for anything other than the best when it comes to antique car insurance. Your prized possession must have the best coverage for the best possible price. Take time, think, and then decide. This will help you in choosing the right protection for your investment. You have invested a lot of yourself into your vintage car and you need to feel comfortable that it is protected.